As a leading international mining supplies company, Gulf Minetech LLC was honored to participate at the just-ended 7th Edition of Africa Mining Expo held in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, on February 23 – 25, 2023, which also marked the company’s 20th anniversary in the business.

As the authorized distributors of Bisley Workwear, a world-leading Personal Protective Equipment manufacturing company, it was an honor for us to showcase the latest designs and innovations from Bisley at the exhibition for appreciation by the Tanzanian and East African Mining Industries. With a well-established local distribution network, we guarantee a constant supply of these remarkable yet quality products to the market.

We also showcased Steel Blue, a top-quality safety boots product of international standards, among our wide distribution range. We offer quality and value for your money in safety boots wear. Our mission is to ensure that mining employees go home with all their toes after a long day at work. Thus, we provide highly certified steel toe boots by Steel Blue, tested and proven to withstand all hardships while ensuring employee safety.

Baroid Industrial Drilling Fluids, a leading quality drilling systems product of note, as Gulf Minetech, we pride ourselves in being the authorized distributor of Baroid IDPS in East Africa. We offer high-performance services and products to the drilling and mining industry in Tanzania and East Africa. Our mission is to help the drilling industry effectively optimize its drilling schedules. Our products offer high production efficiency and cost savings.

JUTEC GmbH has developed into one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. The core business “Heat, occupational safety, and insulation technology” has produced over 18.000 products. The product portfolio ranges from 200°C to 4.000°C. JUTEC GmbH is at home in this field of work and can serve almost every customer interested in heat protection. JUTEC is by far the best in this industry, and Gulf Minetech LLC prides itself on being its authorized distributor in this region.

Gulf Minetech is pleased to be a leading strategic partner to the mining industry in Tanzania. We offer a One-Stop Shop for Safety and Drilling Equipment supplies. Having showcased some of our world-class products at the just-ended Mining Expo, we aim to establish strong relations with various players in the mining industry in Tanzania and East Africa. We have showcased some of our best products here and look forward to generating excellent business opportunities from the contacts made during this expo. For more information, kindly contact us at or visit our website,, for more details.

Article Contributors:  Andy Ramotsebe (Business Development Manager – Baroid
                                   Samy Slim (Business Development Manager GCC-Africa)