About the Research

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Environmental Manufacturing Solutions

Gulf Minetech is an authorized distributor of EMS products in the Middle East and Africa.

Our mission at EMS is to provide safe, yet still powerful solutions to replace the harsh and dangerous acids, solvent, caustics and bleach so prevalent in the world of industrial and consumer chemicals.

Our accomplishments now number over 300 EMS and private labeled offerings of our patented technologies which continue to revolutionize dozens of industries around the world.

EMS technology is available only through our certified distributor network in over 60 countries.

Join us and learn how we can replace the bad stuff with good stuff, that works.




Alumi Brite

Alumi-Brite has almost identical brightening properties to the harshest acids, yet is safe for your personnel and your truck. That’s because Alumi-Brite does not etch the surface of the aluminum to “brighten”, a process that eventually leaves your aluminum dull and grey.



Barracuda and Barracuda 1OK remove more concrete than hydrochloric acid per application.  Still, all that potency comes with a triple zero HMIS score, which makes our concrete stripper safe on skin, safe for your equipment, & safe to store anywhere you wish.


Efflorescence Remover

EMS Efflorescence Remover will safely and quickly clean pavers, block, brick, concrete, river rock, architectural concrete and retainer walls. It’s even safe on limestones and natural stones. Removes mineral deposit including rust as well as soil, mold and mildew stains.


Foro SapH Etch

Foro SapH Etch replaces hydrochloric and other acids for concrete etching with a non-fuming, non-hazardous solution with the speed you want.



Fusion is a revolutionary anti-stick chemical designed specifically for the ready mix market to help eliminate the need for costly and dangerous drum chipping. After a 15 minute application process, Fusion bonds with the metal or poly-composite drum to create a surface impenetrable by water for up to 3 months of regular operations. The result is a surface that concrete cannot adhere to for up to 2,000 yards of concrete, at which time you simply make another Fusion application.



LAM3, our lichen, algae, moss, mildew and mold stain remover, works as well as the dangerous spray and walk away outdoor cleaners powered with quat, bleach and peroxides. LAM3 is even safe to use around grass and plants.


Ready-Mix Wash and Wax

EMS Ready-Mix Wash and Wax® uses our patented SynTech to remove concrete as quickly as harsh acids. Combined with the finest grease cutters, detergents, brighteners, rust inhibitors, and natural bean waxes offering the industry’s only one step, all-in-one ready-mix truck wash.

Approved by a dozen OEMs in the industry, it to any part of the truck, including glass, aluminum, chrome, rubber, plastic and paint. Apply, brush and rinse. No waiting.



Based on our patented synthetic hydrocarbon technology, this water-based release agent will repel cement dust, road salts and other soils for weeks at a time after a single application. As part of a maintenance program it will prevent rust and greatly simplify your cleaning regiment.


Synclean HD

Our patented cleaner/degreaser is entirely free of solvents and butyls, yet it instantly lifts away animal, vegetable, and petroleum-based fats and grease. It also safely removes stains caused by proteins from any surface. Also available in a low-foam (LF) version.