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Baroid Industrial Drilling Products

Gulf Minetech is an authorized distributor of Baroid products in the Middle East and Africa.

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products (IDP) a Product Service Line of Halliburton, is an international supplier of drilling fluid additives and services.  Supported by a network of sales/service representatives, laboratory scientists, and support personnel dedicated to servicing all facets of the non-oil and gas drilling industries. Baroid IDP supplies a comprehensive line of drilling, grouting, plugging, abandonment, well rehabilitation, and well development products engineered to optimize performance and cost-effectiveness to end-users worldwide.

Baroid IDP sales and service engineers average over 20 years of experience in several facets of the drilling industry. These individuals bring a comprehensive knowledge of products, drilling methods, regulations, and equipment to help customers solve the toughest drilling problems facing your industry. IDP personnel can help in all areas of the drilling project. From product selection through good completion, Baroid IDP representatives are known for being there for the customer.

Baroid Drilling Products



Minerals Exploration

Minerals Exploration represents one of the largest and most challenging markets in the industrial drilling market. This is a result of several factors including extreme geologic conditions, operator requirements, drilling methods and environmental concerns. These and other elements place a tremendous degree of importance on the drilling fluids utilized in coring and drilling operations.

Baroid IDP has expertise in customizing fluids for the specific challenges in mineral drilling environments worldwide.


Horizontal Directional Drilling

Baroid IDP was one of the first drilling fluid companies to apply its vast knowledge of drilling fluids to the industrial Horizontal Directional Drilling market.  Early on, it was obvious that conventional horizontal drilling wisdom from the oilfield was not applicable in the utility and river crossing business.

The unique physical and geologic environment of many utility bores, and all river crossings, require gel strengths and filtration control be optimized to achieve a successful horizontal bore.



Grouting is the process of placing an effective seal in a borehole. The sealing agents used are generally known as grouts, which typically fall into two general categories, bentonite-based and cement-based. To be effective, a grout must be easy to put in place and must have a very low permeability to limit the migration of contaminants to the subsurface.

Additionally, grouts used for geothermal heat loop installations should have high thermal conductivity characteristics along with the requisite sealing abilities.


Water Well Environmental

Baroid IDP first applied its vast experience and technology to the water well industry in the early 1950’s. Armed with the philosophy of providing the highest quality products and unsurpassed on-site expertise, Baroid IDP soon became the undisputed industry leader. Now, over 60 years later, the same principle of quality and service remains as our operating philosophy and proof of Baroid Industrial Drilling Products’ commitment to the water well industry.


Well Rehabilitation

Well rehabilitation is the process of restoring a well to its most efficient condition by use of mechanical and chemical means. With use and age, the productivity of a water well typically deteriorates. Loss of productivity is indicated by a decrease in well yield and capacity.  Noticeable water quality issues such as increased turbidity, water color changes, odor, and taste changes due to bacterial growth. The decline could be caused by one or more factors including scale formation on the casing, biofouling, biomass buildup or sedimentation in the filter pack.


Civil Engineering Applications

In addition to traditional drilling disciplines Baroid IDP supplies products for use in other industrial applications such as auger drilling for foundations, slurry walls, pond sealing, and waterproofing.  Many of our products can be used in drilling and lubricating fluids for pipe jacking and tunneling operations. This cross-functionality is derived from the knowledge that our products provide primary and secondary functions and these functions may be of benefit to other industries.